The Drummond Island Digest welcomes submissions.
We like to print what the community of the Eastern Upper Peninsula might be interested in. We put as much in the paper as we can.

The Digest is always on the lookout for entertaining stories, educational and informative articles, photographs, jokes, cartoons, and more.
Please contact us if you have material you would like considered for publication.

We are also interested in speaking with those interested in writing a regular column, being a guest contributor, or being part of our team of go-to-writers.

Material Submission Deadline
All materials must be received by the 17th of the month to be considered for placement in the following month’s issue. Some materials have an earlier deadline, such as regular columns.

Regular columns and requested submissions have priority for placement.
Unsolicited submissions are printed on a space-available basis.
If an individual, organization, or business wants to guarantee that the material they submit is published in the Digest they buy that space, which guarantees its placement in the paper. The rates that are charged are below industry standards and are definitely less than what other newspapers charge. We do this because we want to support our community, not penalize it. Cost is based on the size of the material and is charged at the same rate as display ads; please refer to the current Digest Ad Rates sheet for rates. Some discounts are available.

Article Submission Requirements
Articles submitted for publication must be no longer than 700 words, unless agreed upon in advance.
Please do not use double spaces after periods and make sure there are no spaces after the last period of each paragraph.
Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation is required. Writers should submit only fully edited materials, as editing is limited to a cursory spellcheck.
Unedited materials will be returned.
Send articles as plain text in the body of an email or as a .doc Word file.

Pictures are very welcome! They help enhance your article. However, photographs need to be owned by you or you need written permission from the owner. Please do not pull photographs off websites, Google, or scan a photograph that you got a copy from someone else. If you don’t have a photograph for your article and you would like help finding one please let us know.
Send photographs as an attachment to an email or send us a link to your website.
Do not embed them in your .doc file. If the photo should appear in a particular part of the article indicate that in your email.
Send pictures as a .jpg, .tiff or .psd file between ideally 100K – 2MB file.

We are always on the lookout for photos from community events and for the “Your Back Yard” section or calendar page.
Have pictures of an event? of a great sunset? of a great catch? Send them so the community can enjoy them. Send pictures as a .jpg, .tiff or .psd file between ideally 100K – 2MB file.
Placement is not guaranteed, but we try to print as much as possible.

Gratitudes/Thank Yous/Congratulations
Have a thank you message you would like to convey? Want to wish someone a happy anniversary or birthday?
Did someone have a baby or get engaged or married?
Readers of the Digest want to hear about it and see it!
Send a brief and concise note of your congratulations or thank you to us and we’ll get it in the next issue.
Send pictures as a .jpg, .tiff or .psd file between ideally 100K – 2MB file. We try to print these as many of these in color, but there is no guarantee.

Letters to the Editor
The Digest welcomes letters to the editor for the “Your Turn” section.
All letters submitted will be published as received provided:

  • the letter is not libelous or spiteful to another
  • the author has signed the letter or has identified himself/herself when submitting the letter by email and has provided a phone number, which will only be used in matters of clarification.

The Digest will not correct errors in the submitted letter, whether the error is obvious or not, i.e. grammatical, spelling, or details of the facts set forth in the letter. Letters should be no more than 700 words. The policy to print all letters ensures the freedom everyone has to share and discuss their views and allows others to respond, pro or con, as guaranteed in the First Amendment of the US Constitution. The content of published letters does not necessarily reflect the view of the Digest or Digest personnel.

Did you know that most newspapers charge high rates for obituaries, in memorials, or tributes?
However, the Digest charges a very reasonable rate for obituaries, in memorials, or tributes of reasonable length (500 words or less). Please inquire about rate for additional words. There is no charge for the inclusion of a black-and-white photo. For residents of Drummond Island, DeTour Village, Cedarville, Hessel, or Goetzville, at this time I will be offering a 50% discount. There is no charge for the placement of a death notice. Bills will be sent to the funeral home or designated person after the publication of the issue. Prompt payment is appreciated.

Have an idea?
We want to hear about it. We welcome new and interesting ideas for enhancing the Digest.

The long and the short of it:
It is our intention to continue printing as much as possible and charge only where it is reasonable. As long as we can, we will continue to print obituaries at no charge, as we see this as a service to the community. We do not charge writers for printing their articles, as long as we have previously agreed upon space (word count plus pictures). If someone wants to be guaranteed that their submission (poster, article, tribute, photos, story, ad, etc) will be printed untouched and in entirety they will be charged for the space it is printed in.

Fine print: The Drummond Island Digest reserves the right to change these submission requirements at any time. The views and comments expressed in the Digest are not necessarily those of the Editor/Publisher.