April – From My Desk

From My Desk       March 24, 2015 4:55 PM

You hold in your hands what I consider to be the fun issue. I tried to find as many fun stories and photos as possible for the April issue. Have fun reading about the new penny for Yoopers and U.P. lovers, the new Drummond Island Delivery, and a calendar that has no 15th of the month! Or first or thirtieth, for that matter.

What makes this issue really fun though are all the wonderful ads that the fifth and sixth grade students in the Drummond Island Elementary and DeTour Arts and Technology Academy did for some of the area businesses. These ads are throughout the paper.  During the end of February I had the pleasure of speaking with each class and talking to them about the importance of advertising. Those kids are sharp! They understood why a business would want a color ad – “it stands out,” “it’s more interesting,” “you notice it more” were just some of their responses. They got creative with what they learned for the 22 businesses that participated in this “kids’ ads” issue.

At the end of March those students will be taking a field trip to Petoskey, Michigan to see the April issue printed, the one with their ads in it. I’m excited to be able to go. I can remember when I was their age and being enthralled by the giant spools of paper.

There are now two ongoing photography contests – one sponsored by Griffin Real Estate and one sponsored by the Drummond Island Spay and Neuter Program. See more details in this issue on pages A22 and B7 respectively.

Please give a warm welcome to Drummond Firewood Service, a new advertiser.

It is time to do spring cleaning on the classified ads. Please “renew” your free ad by letting me know that you want to continue it, otherwise it will be removed. Details are on page A25.

On B3 there is info about updating your mailing address. Please fill out the change of address form and send it in, or call or email the info by the 15th of the month prior to when you are returning “home.”

Now that this fat issue is done, I’m looking forward to enjoying the warming weather.

Happy reading!

Julie Covert, Editor

Here are the titles of some of the articles:

  • New Calendar Eliminates Calendar Confusion
  • Pennies for Yoopers
  • New Delivery Service to Drummond Island
  • Schuette Shares Consumer Tips to Avoid IRS Scams this Tax Season
  • Spotlight on Being a Lighthouse Keeper
  • DeTour Drummond Community Credit Union Annual Meeting Report
  • Snow Fleas
  • Out with Winter!
  • Northwood 6th Annual Cardboard Sled Race
  • Aldo Leopold Festival Announced
  • DNR Director Approves Graymont Eastern UP Land Proposal
  • New Photo Contest
  • Moiles Mill Goes Missing
  • DeTour Announces Top Honor
  • Broadway Revue Produced by DeTour Area Schools and DATA
  • EUP FAC Council Casts Play for Spring Production
  • Band Students Excel as DeTour Hosts MSBOA District Band Festival
  • March Madness – Part II
  • Getting Wild About Reading
  • Moving From Otter to Woodpecker